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Hello all binary option traders!

Now, I will share to you about this tool that called by "Binary Predictor". This tool is specially used to trading at Binary Option Trading System. Binary Predictor is created to predict Last Digit Prediction (LDP) that use in Digit Differ contract with 5 ticks of duration. This tool is an excel file. So, if you want to use this tool, your computer must be installed Ms. Office.

In the last time, I was share the script to trading in Digit Differ at that called by "DD Compound". DD Compound is an automation script for trading with Digit Differ Contract which alanyze the spot price then make the purchase automatically with Compound technique.

Please read:

OK, back to Binary Predictor. This is ONLY A TOOL, not the automation scripts or bots. So, we must purchase Digit Differ Contract MANUALLY.

Please watch this video for sample application of Binary Predictor:

So, What do you think?
It's very easy isn't it? :)

With Binary Predictor tool, we can make trading in binary become more easy and profitable. Because we don't need any analysis. Just let Binary Predictor analyze the spot, then purchase Digit Differ with LDP result from this tool.

How to use Binary Predictor:

  1. Select a random index that you want to use.
  2. Set the trading page to "Digits" menu, with 5 ticks duration
  3. Open the Binary Predictor Tool, then adjust the lay out of your Browser and Binary Predictor, so that All windows (Binary Predictor & Trading Page) may be easily controlled/operated.
  4. Observe the price spot, then put every last digit of current spot to Binary Predictor in "Input 1" (E2 Cell) until "Input 8" cell (E6 Cell).
  5. If the digit result of analyze is appear "-9" until "9", then use the digit as LDP & purchase Digit Differ Contract immediately. (The Result digit is showed in D8 Cell, with black fill and white font)
  6. If there's no valid result on D8 cell, then repeat to first step.
If your trade was loss, it will better if you stop trading at the current session, then continue in the next session.

This Binary Predictor tool is FREE to all of my affiliate member of binary. So, if you interest with Binary Predictor tool, please be my affiliate by registering a real account binary via this link. Inform to me about your account number, so I can check your account in my affiliate area. Then, I'll send this tool.

If you interest with Binary Predictor, but you don't want to be my affiliate, you still can get this tool by purchasing only $5 via PayPal.

For more information, please mail to:

Thank you.

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