How to Trade with Webtrader Binary

How to Trade with Webtrader Binary.

This article will describe How to trade binary with webtrader :
1. Login to your binary account.
2. Select account that you want to use to trading with webtrader binary (you can select Virtual account or Real account).
3. Go to "My Account", click "Settings" then click "API Token".

4. Type a name in "Choose a Name" box (can be use random name), then click "Create" button, and then will showed a new API Token.

5. Copy the API Token that was created.
6. Visit then click "Login" button.

7. Just paste the API Token in the textbox that showed, then click "Apply".

8. Finish. Now we can trade in webtrader binary.

Please watch this video for detail :

The API Token thet you've created can be use everytime when you want to trading in webtrader binary. And also you can create another API Token if you want.

Please visit: for English language

And for Indonesian language

Thank You.

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