How To Install iMacros on Mozilla Firefox

This article will describe how to install iMacros on Mozilla Firefox.

Please follow all of instruction below to install iMacros on Mozilla Firefox:

1. Visit wait until page showed like this :

2. In the search box, type "imacros" (without quote) then press enter. Wait a moment until iMacros addons showed

3. Click "+ Add to Firefox" button.

4. Then firefox will showing a dialog box at the left-top of firefox window. Click "Allow"

5. Wait a moment, and then click "Install"

6. Wait until install process was completed, then click "Restart Now"

7. Firefox will restarting, wait until finished. And then we will find iMacros icon at the right-top of Firefox windows.

8. Finish.

Now, you can trade in binary with iMacros script in Mozilla Firefox. All imacros scripts (with .iim extension) and javascript (with .js extension) can be played in Mozilla Firefox

Please watch this video to see step by step of íntalling iMacros on Mozilla Firefox:

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