Free iMacros Script for Trading Digit Differ at - Binary Option Trading System

Hello all binary option traders!

Now, I will share an iMacros script for trading at - Binary Option Trading System. The script name is "DD Compound-e".

DD Compound-e is specially used for trading with Digit Differ (DD) Contract with 5 tick duration. This script can only run in Legacy Trading Interface. So, please make sure that you use Legacy Trading Interface before you run this script. This script is also can be used in all of Random Index

Please watch this video for sample:

Here's some parameters that must be filled :
1. Start Stake
Type the amount of stake that you want to use.

2. Max Compound
How many compound that you want to do with this script. After "Max Compound" was reached, the trade will stop.

3. Tick Analyze
Tick Analyze is tick count that used by script to analyze LDP.

This iMacros Script for Binary Digit Differ is FREE to all of my affiliate binary. If you interest with this script, please create a real binary account via this link. Inform to me your real account via, then I will send the script.

If you already has become my affiliate, just mailto, inform your real account number, then I will send the script.
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Thank you.

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