Binary Option Trading Strategy for Rise Fall Binary With 4 Tab Technique Without Analysis

The trick that I will share this time is "Binary Option Strategy for Rise Fall Binary With 4 Tab Technique Without Analysis". This is specially used for trading in Binary Option Trading System.

This strategy is using martingale techniques to get more chance to profit on each trading session. There's not any analysis undertaken, just purchase Rise or Fall according to our feeling. But if we have the expertise to analyze the market, surely it would be better. :)

Please follow this rule:
1. Open the Rise Fall page by 4 Tab, to make it easier to operate. Like this:

2. In the 1st tab use $ 0.5 stake, in the 2nd tab use $1 stake, in the 3rd tab use $2 stake, and in the 4th tab use $4 stake.

3. Without any analysis, just purchase rise or fall. (Or you can also do the market analysis based on your technique in each first purchase)

4. If in the 1st tab is loss, purchase the same direction on the 2nd tab immediately, if it's still loss, purchase the same direction on the 3rd tab immediately, and do this until the 4th tab.

5. When the trade was got profit, starting back from 1st tab.

The sample result of this strategy is showed below :
You can see that the trade was profit at the 2nd purchase, Without Analysis... :)

Please Watch this video:

If in the 4th tab is still, it will better you stop the trading and continue on the next trading session. But if you have sufficient capital, you can continue to raise the stakes to $ 10, $ 20, $ 40, and more.

Thus my explanation about Rise Fall Tricks to trade in Binary Option Trading System

May be this strategy will be useful.

Thank You.

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